Privacy policy

The privacy policy engages to protect your personal data.
By using the website or its services, you agree with processing your personal data as this privacy policy states.
This privacy policy is an integral part of the online contract you make with Mannouk. With your contracting offer by accepting the terms and conditions you also aknowledge and agree the content of our privacy policy.

Personal data – any information regarding an identified or identifiable individual.
Processing – any operation or set of operations that is performed with personal data or set of data.
Specific person/Client – an individual who’s personal data is processed.
Child – an individual under the age of 16.
Policy – privacy policy.
Mannouk/Us/We/Our –

The presented statements describe our general principles regarding personal data processing of our website’s clients ( considered to be buyers of any of the products or services avaialable on the website) as well as those of our website’s visitors.
We want to make sure you understand the ways we may use the infornations you entrust us with. To understand your right we advise you to read the present policy.
Regarding visitors, Mannouk website was designed to be visited without identifying or revealing any personal informations. Basic informations are collected to be used for traffic analysis, content improvement and its public preception.
Regarding customers or possible customers, the collected data during or after concluding their contract will be used exclusively to fulfill the terms of contract between the customer and Mannouk, will, under no circumstace, be send to third parties except authorized personal nor will be the subject or any disclosure.

Principles of data protection
We promise to respect the following principles about data protection:
• Processing is legal, corect, transparent. Our processing activities have legal grounds. We always take into consideration your rights before processing your personal data. We will provide informations about processing, if requested.
• Processing is limited to its purpose. Our processing activities match the purpose for which personal data was collected.
• Processing is done with minimum data. We only collect and process the minimum amount of personal data necesarry for any purpose.
• Processing is time limited. We will not store your personal data more than 3 years.
• We will do our best to ensure the correctness of the data.
• We will do everything possible to ensure the integrity and privacy of the data.

The regulation grants more rights to individuals that have their personal data processed such as the right to transfer or to delete the personal data. Here is a short description of your rights:
1. The right to receive informations regarding data processing and a copy of processed data (access right, art. 15 GDPR)
2. The right to request rectification of indexed data or addition to incomplete data (access right, art. 16 GDPR)
3. The right to request personal data deletion and, if the personal data have been made public, sending the informations about the erase request to other operators (right to erase, art. 17 GDPR)
4. The right to request restriction of data processing(right to restrict the data processing, art. 18 GDPR)
5. The right to receive personal data of a specific person in a structured format, used in a regular and readable manner and to request transfer of this data to another operator ( right to data transfer, art. 20 GDPR)
6. The right to oppose data processing with the intend of cease the processing ( right of objection, art. 21 GDPR)
7. The right to withdraw at any time the given consent in order to stop data processing based on your given consent. The withdrawal will not affect the legality of processing based on given consent prior to the withdrawal (right of withdrawal of the consent, art. 7 GDPR)
8. The right to adress a complaint to a supervisory authority if you consider data processing as a violation of GDPR ( right to complain to a supervisory authority, art. 77 GDPR)
Informations you provided us
It could be your e-mail, name, billing adress, home adress, etc. – mainly necessary informations to deliver a product/service or to improve your experience as our client. We store the informations you provide us to be able to comment or make other activities on the website. These informations, for example, include your name and e-mail adress.
When you will want to contract one of the available services or products on the website, you will provide us both identification data and necessary data to complete billing procedures.
Starting the moment when you become Mannouk client we will process data and informations on your own client account and on your customer records. In addition, we will electronically store your e-mail adresses and other comunications to the extent that it will be necessary for their transmission.
The purpose of data collecting is: signing and executing the contract, financial-accounting highlight, billing, dept collecting, marketing and publicity of services and products available on Mannouk.
This way, is available to you the posibility to provide your personal data, including, complete name, home adress, e-mail, phone number, these being necessary to fulfill the online contract in a valid way, to benefit the services provided by Mannouk. Your refusal to provide any of the necessary personal data that we request will attract the ending of contract and, as a consequence, the impossiblity for you to benefit from services and products available on our website.
The recorded informations are intended to be used by Mannouk, without being transmitted to a third party, excepting the situation when they are requested by public authorities for preventing, investigating and repressing crimes; authorized authorities with the purpose to verify the commercial transactions or other legal authorities to perform any verification justified by law; When registering domains.

Automatically collected informations about you.
Here are included the informations which are automatically stored by cookie modules and other session instruments. For example, shopping cart informations, IP adress, shopping history (if it exists), etc. These informations will be used to improve you experience as customer. When you use our services or search the content of our website, your activity might be recorded.
Public informations
We might collect public informations about you.

How we use your personal data
We use your personal dat for the following:
• to offer you our service. This include, for example, account registering, signing and executing the contract, financial-accounting highlight, dept collecting; offering other products and services that you requested; offering promotional items at your request and comunicating with you regarding these products and services; comunicating and interacting with you; sending notifications about any changes of any service.
• To improve your experience as customer.
• To fulfill an obligation in accordance with law or contract.
We use your personal data with legitimate reasons and/or with your approval.
Based on signing a contract or to fulfill contractual obligations, we process your personal data for the following purposes:
• To identify you;
• To offer you a service or to send/offer you a product;
• To comunicate with you either for sales, either for billing.
Based on legitimate interest, we process your personal data for the following purposes:
• To send you personalized offers;
• To manage and analyze our client data base ( behaviour and purchasing histoy) to improve quality, variety and availability of our offered products/services.

As long as you didn’t inform us otherwise, we consider our legitimate interest to offer products/services that are similiar or identical to your behaviour regarding purchasing/browsing history.
With your approval we will process your personal data for the following purposes:
• to send news letters and offers;
• for other purposes that we asked your approval.
We process your personal data to fulfill  obligations arising from the law and/or to use your personal data for options provided by the law. We reserve our right to anonymize your gathered personal data and to use such data. We will use data outside the scope of present policy only if it is anonymous. We save your billing informations and other informations about you as long as it is necessary for accountant purposes or any other obligations requested by law, but no more than 10 years.
We could process personal data for other purposes not mentioned here, but they are compatible with the puprose that they were collected for. For this we will ensure that:
• the connection between purpuses, context and nature of personal data is proper to continue processing;
• further processing will not affect your interests
• exists a proper guarantee for processing.
We will inform you regarding any proceesing and later purposes.
Who else can access your personal data?
We do not share personal data to strangers. Your personal data is provided, in particular cases, to our trusted partners to have the potential to offer you a service or to improve the experience of customers.
Mannouk makes your provided personal data available to some employers ( financial-accounting, commercial, support, billing, legal department) with the exclusve purpose to proper delivery of our service. Each of these employers will receive special instruction regarding your personal data processing, Mannouk assuming the responsibility over the methods its employers handle, register and store this data.
We share your data with:
• MobilPay (our partner for online payment processing)
• DHL ( our partner for shipping your ordered products/services)
• Accounting firm (for processing bills)
• Newsman ( our partner for sending newsletters to inform you regarding news, sales or promotions)
• Google
We only work with partners that are certified to ensure your personal data protection at high level. We reveal your personal informations to third parties or public authorities when we are legally requested to do so. We could share your personal data to third parties if have given your consent or for other legal reasons.

How we protect data security
We are doing our best to keep your personal data safe. We use trusted protocols to comunicate and transfer data( like HTTPS). We use anonymization and pseudonymization where it is fitted. We monitor our sistems for eventual vulnerabilityes and breaches.
Even if we try our best, we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal data. However, we promise to notify the competent authorities regarding data violation. Also, we will notify you if there is any threat adressing your rights and interests. We will do our best to prevent security breach and to assist the authorities in case of a violation.
If you have an account on our website, remember you have to keep your username and password secret.
We do not intend to consciously collect informations from children. We do not target children for our services.